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Marketing Foods to the Under Five Crowd

Should food companies aim their marketing strategies at young children? It’s definitely a hot topic. When you go to the grocery store, you don’t just have to watch out for the brightly colored toys! Now there’s also Dora the Explorer fruit chews, Shrek Twinkies and Barbie-adorned cereal boxes.   Obviously these products are not intended to attract [...]

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: 2010 Update

“Jennifer and her husband live from paycheck to paycheck in Missouri. All of the child care that Jennifer has looked at for her baby costs as much, if not more, than their mortgage. Their income is too high to be eligible for any assistance with child care fees from the state. She wishes she could [...]

For Parents and Other Caregivers: Understanding Over-the-Counter Medicines

With all of the alarming stories about over-the-counter medicines in the news recently, parents have a lot of questions about dosage, recalls and drug interactions. That’s why we asked Mimi Pappas, Director of Communications & Outreach for Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) to help us out! At some point every child is going to get [...]

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Have you or your family encounter this problem? Have you or your family encounter this problem?

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Landmark health care bill takes first steps Landmark health care bill takes first steps

 With last month’s passage of health care legislation, families and businesses... 

Home Healthcare Services and Senior Housing Communities Home Healthcare Services and Senior Housing Communities

From skilled nursing facilities to independent living communities, there is an abundant... 

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Parents should NEVER live with their children!

He was adamant!  His grandfather had lived with his family for several years before his death.  Dad remembered his Grandpa as an ornery old man who caused lots of work for his mother and was no fun ...

Staying Busy

Dad has always been happiest when active. For years he enjoyed woodworking.  He has made furniture, picture frames, bird houses and signs. There was always a project in the works – sometimes severa...

Is this it……

The call came at 7:30 am.  Dad had a grand mal seizure during breakfast.  I immediately went over to the home.  He was still at the breakfast table.  Shortly after I arrived he had another seizure...